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SWAAAE Recognizes Airport Professionals by Awarding the Designation of Certified Airport Executive (C.A.E.)

The Chapter affirms its mission to advance excellence in airport management through education, advocacy and professional development by recognizing airport professionals through the award of the Certified Airport Executive (C.A.E.) designation.

SWAAAE Executive members, after completing one (1) year of membership and not less than six (6) months of active participation on a SWAAAE committee, may apply for consideration by the Board as a Certified Airport Executive (C.A.E.). The member must have completed six (6) years in active airport management or have satisfied alternate requirements as specified by the Credentials Committee. The member so designated may use the initials C.A.E. after his/her name in recognition of this certification.

We encourage our Executive members to apply for the Certified Airport Executive (C.A.E.) designation. An electronic application form should be completed and submitted to the Executive Director for distribution to the Credentials Committee.

The Credentials and Records Committee is a standing committee of the Chapter and is chaired by a Director appointed by the President. The committee is responsible for professional development and professional certification in accordance with a program and standards approved and adopted by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the committee. The committee examines the credentials of applicants for the designation of Certified Airport Executive (C.A.E.) and makes a recommendation for action on the application to the Board of Directors.

For further information, please contact:

Gladys D. Brown, C.M., C.A.E.
Airport Director
Yuma International Airport & Rolle Airfield
2191 E. 32ndStreet, Suite 218
Yuma, Arizona 85365

Office: (928) 726-5882 ext. 2217
Fax: (928) 344-4677
Mobile: (928) 941-2394
Credentials Committee Chair

Click here to complete the electronic certification application

Certified Members Past and Present

Vernon L. Ackerman, C.A.E., E.E.
Kerry Ahearn, A.A.E., C.A.E.
David E. Andrews, C.A.E.
Katherine Bales, C.A.E.
Charles "Chip" Barclay, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Krys T. Bart, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Nancy Bass, C.A.E.
Roy E. Bayless, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Neilson A. Bertholf Jr., A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E. (Deceased)
Danette Bewley, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Alice Bimrose, A.A.E., C.A.E., ACE
Rosalyn Bond, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Hal Bostic, C.A.E., E.E.
Jim Braswell, C.A.E., E.E.
Ron Brewster, C.A.E.
Christopher Brooks, C.A.E.
Gladys D. Brown, C.M., C.A.E.
Don Bua, C.A.E., E.E.
Kevin Bumen, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Murray A. Bywater, A.A.E., C.A.E.
John S. Cagaanan, C.A.E., E.E.
Bern E. Case, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Jim Chappell, C.A.E., E.E.
Greg Chenoweth, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Howard Cook, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Michael Covalt, C.A.E., E.E.
William J. Critchfield, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
John Croghan, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Omar Daaboul, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Nicholas Dallas, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Merrill M. Day, C.A.E., E.E.
David Decoteau, A.A.E., ACE, C.A.E., C.M.
Timothy B. Deike, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Casey Denny, C.M., C.A.E.
Rod A. Dinger, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Mike Dikun, C.M., C.A.E.
Robert R. Erickson, C.A.E., E.E.
Robert J. Esperance, C.A.E., E.E.
R. "Pat" Farlin, C.A.E., E.E.
Ed Faron, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Walter W. Fell, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Richard Fernbaugh, C.A.E.
Clyde V. Fitzgerald, C.A.E., E.E.
Richard D. French, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Keith R. Freitas, C.A.E.
Paul B. Gaines, A.A.E., C.A.E.
David C. Gaines, C.M., C.A.E.
Laurence E. Gesell, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Paul A. Gimer, C.A.E.
Brett J. Godown, C.A.E., C.M.
Jack R. Gotcher, C.M., C.A.E.
Thomas E. Greer, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Tony L. Guinn Sr., ACE, C.M., C.A.E.
Carl Honaker, C.A.E.
Mary A. Hansen, C.M., C.A.E.
Mark D. Hardyment, C.A.E.
Gary Harshman, C.A.E.
Leander Hauri, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Denis R. Horn, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Albert J. Huber, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Jonathan Hudson, C.A.E., C.M.
Jacquelyn L. Hulsey, C.A.E.
James A. Hunter, C.A.E., E.E.
Joseph Husband, C.A.E., C.M.
Hazel M. Johns, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Courtney Johnson, C.A.E., C.M.
Phillip E. Johnson, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Steve Johnston, C.A.E., C.M.
Jeremy Keating, C.A.E.
Wanda Kennedy, A.A.E., C.A.E.
John Steven Kinney, C.M., C.A.E.
Alex Kovacs, C.A.E.
Lynn F. Kusy, C.M., C.A.E.
Danette B. Lake, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Melvin C. Landon, C.A.E.
Larry Larkin, C.A.E.
Ralph Luera, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Gene Maestas, C.A.E.

Chad R. Makovsky, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Scott C. Malta, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Charles E. Mangum, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Jennifer Maples, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Gary Mascaro, C.M., C.A.E.
Douglas McNeeley, C.M., C.A.E.
James W. McCall Jr., C.A.E.
Maurice A. McDonald, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Todd L. McNamee, A.A.E., C.A.E. (Deceased)

Tracy L. Means, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Chris J. Melville, C.A.E.
William L. Menard, C.A.E., E.E.
Mark Meyers, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Steve Miller, C.A.E., C.M.
Kenneth G. Moen, A.A.E., C.A.E.
James H. Monger, C.A.E., E.E.
Douglas E. Mooradian, C.A.E.
Marily Mora, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Paul Moritz, C.A.E.
Bruce H. Mosley, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
James G. Mummert, C.A.E., E.E.
Rodney L. Murphy, C.A.E.
Michael Musca, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Klaasje Nairne, C.M., C.A.E., E.E.
Marion K. Nelson, C.A.E.
Carl Newman, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Robert Olislagers, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Brendan J. O'Reilly, C.M., C.A.E.
Martin J. Pehl, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Gary E. Peterson, C.A.E.
Eric S. Peterson, C.M., C.A.E.
David G. Pittman, C.A.E.
Raymond L. Polak, C.A.E.
William J. Potter, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Robert E. Quincey, C.A.E.
Brian A. Raber, C.A.E.
Karen Ramsdell, C.A.E.
Raul L. Regalado, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Gary T. Rice, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Graham Ritz, C.A.E., ACE
Allen Ritter, C.A.E.
Barry A. Rondinella, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Judy Ross, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Jorge Rubio, C.A.E., C.M.
Dan J. Sabovich, C.A.E.
A. Jack Schelter Jr., A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Stephen P. Schmitt, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Marvin Scott, C.A.E., E.E.
Michael R. Scott, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Richard W. Shaw, C.A.E.
Brent S. Shiner, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Alex Smith, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Michael Smith, C.A.E.
Richard L. Smith, C.A.E.
Scott E. Smith, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Ronald H. Stern, C.A.E.
Doreen Stockdale, C.M., C.A.E.
Jon Stout, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Terry Stover, C.A.E.
Andrew Swanson, C.A.E.
John Swizer, C.A.E., E.E.
Mary Catherine Tennant, C.A.E.
Bobbi Thompson, C.A.E.
Edwin M. Thurmond, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Jack L. Tippie, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Ralph G. Tonseth, A.A.E., C.A.E., E.E.
Francis E. Torr, C.A.E., E.E.
Richard I. Trail, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Robert Trimborn, C.A.E.
Verne B. Troup, C.A.E., E.E.
Jerome J. Thiele, C.A.E.
Harold E. Wight, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Mike N. Williams, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Rayvon Williams, C.A.E., C.M.
Kimberley Wirht, C.A.E.
Mark E. Witsoe, A.A.E., C.A.E.
Sandy Worley, C.A.E.
Daniel J. Zenk, C.A.E.

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