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Membership Benefits & Options

Join SWAAAE... Help Shape the Future of Airports

SWAAAE is a membership organization dedicated to the airport management profession. 

SWAAAE: Advancing our Careers, Advancing our Expertise, Advancing our Airports

Membership Benefits

  • Stay up to date on the latest news and information through and regular email alerts.
  • Stay connected with your peers and vendors through SWAAAE's membership directory.
  • Hone your professional knowledge and skills and network with peers and vendors at SWAAAE conferences.
  • Support professionalism and continuing education through the SWAAAE certification and scholarship programs.
  • Combine your voice with others to make an impact on important legislation.
  • Access to industry resources including airport ACIPs.
  • Advance your personal career and the airport industry through challenging and engaging volunteer opportunities. Click here to view the path to getting involved in SWAAAE.
  • Click here for a video to learn about additional membership benefits.

Membership Classifications and Dues
Executive: Open to those persons who are gainfully employed full time by an airport and who devote at least fifty percent (50%) of their daily working hours in matters directly related to the management, administration, operation, or maintenance of an airport. $95 annually

Associate: Open to an individual who has an interest in airport management and development of aviation in general or are in the field of aviation by a government agency or serve as an official of an airport governing body but do not meet the minimum qualifications for Executive status. $95 annually

Corporate: Open to either public or private corporations who are engaged in activities relating to the use and promotion of airports or aviation or of products which are used in airport and aviation activities. Individual Membership: $130 annually

Academic: Open to faculty and students engaged in the study of airport management or related field at an accredited university or college with a programmed graduation date within six (6) years of application. Faculty involved in guidance of students through these programs may also qualify for Academic membership. $15 annually

SWAAAE also offers a cost efficient way for more individuals from your organization to participate in the association - Group Memberships!

Airport Group Membership Discount
For a flat fee of $950, your organization may enroll up to 20 members, making the cost for each individual to participate significantly lower. We also hope the new group discount will make the invoicing process easier for those organizations with multiple members. Airports that choose to take advantage of the group discount will receive just one invoice for a flat fee of $950.

To participate, download the Group Membership Discount Registration form below. Submit the simple form with your payment. Once enrolled in the group discount program, your organization will stay enrolled and receive only an annual flat fee invoice from the Chapter. If you have less than 20 members on your list, enroll new members at any time. Additional members may be added for a rate of $47.50 per person.

To easily determine how many individuals are members from your organization, visit the membership directory and enter your Company Name in the search field. The electronic roster will produce a list of members from your airport. If you require assistance, feel free to contact us.

Corporate Group Membership Discount
For a flat fee of $330, a Corporate Group Membership extends a Corporate membership to three employees or named members, with one retaining voting rights. Each named member is eligible for membership benefits. If so desired, companies with a Corporate Group membership can apply allotted conference discounts towards non-named members within the company. Additional members may be added for a rate of $82.50 per person.

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