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Executive Certification Application

Purpose of the Program

A key objective of SWAAAE is to develop leaders and assist SWAAAE membership with obtaining Executive roles in Airport Management. The Certified Airport Executive (C.A.E.) program supports this objective through recognition of “Leadership in Aviation”. The C.A.E. is a distinguished credential that recognizes Executive Members who have contributed to SWAAAE; who have committed to continuous learning; and who have progressed to a leadership role in the airport industry. 

Minimum Criteria for C.A.E.

Applicants must meet all of the following minimum eligibility criteria to be considered for the C.A.E. designation: 

  1. SWAAAE Experience
    a. Executive Member of SWAAAE in good standing for a period of not less than one year.
    b. Active participation on one or more SWAAAE Committees for a period of not less than six (6) months.

  2. Professional Experience 
    a. Minimum six years active airport management experience*
    b. Currently employed in airport management in the SWAAAE region holding a position at one of the following qualifying organizational levels**
    Levels 1-4 if employed at a medium and large hub airport;
    Levels 1-3 if employed at a non-hub or small hub airport;
    Levels 1-2 if employed at a general aviation airport.

*Don’t have six years’ experience in airport management? Alternate qualifications and experience may be submitted for consideration to fulfill this requirement as described later in this application.

**The C.A.E. Committee is responsible for evaluating submitted documentation to make a determination as to whether the applicant is serving at an approved qualifying level.

To apply, please complete the application below. Additional information regarding how the C.A.E. Committee will evaluate your application may be found in the SWAAAE Procedures Manual. The C.A.E. Committee Chair will contact you to update you on the status of your application or to request additional information if needed. Any applicant that does not fulfill the requirements will receive feedback from the C.A.E. committee on ways the applicant may continue to develop themselves as a leader to meet the requirements of the C.A.E. program and designation.

Please feel free to contact the C.A.E. Committee Chair Gladys D. Brown at (928) 726-5882 ext. 2217 if you have any questions or would like further guidance.

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