Standing & Ad Hoc Committees



Vice Chair

 Academic Relations

David Sperling
 Graham Ritz
 Accreditation Rosalyn Bond  
 Awards, Resolutions and Recognition Brett Godown  Welton Trang
 Conference: Annual Summer (2022)  Omar Daaboul          Alex Smith
 Conference: Short Course (2023) Alice Bimrose
 Credentials Gladys D. Brown  
 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
 Engagement/Education (Ad Hoc)
Harry Barrett Jr.
Alex Smith
 Henry Thompson and TJ Chen
 Mike Hill
 Executive Jorge Rubio  Corinne Nystrom
 Ethics Judy Ross  TJ Chen
 Finance Corinne Nystrom  TJ Chen
 Governance TJ Chen   Brett Godown
 Legislative & Industry Engagement Ken Moen  Alex Smith and Harry Barrett Jr.
 Membership Alice Bimrose  Chris Hastert
 Nominating Judy Ross  Corinne Nystrom
 Professional Development Committee Alice Bimrose   
 Social Media (Ad Hoc)
Graham Ritz
Courtney Pene
 Stephen Chandler

 Strategic Planning (Ad Hoc) Mark Witsoe   Alex Kovacs
 Time and Place Corinne Nystrom  TJ Chen
 Young Professionals Sean Moran   Justin Castagna, Kathy Bales, Graham Ritz
 ZØØ Visual & Audio Production          
Cole Hartfiel

James Cullison

If you are interested in participating on a committee please contact SWAAAE Headquarters at 480-403-4604.

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Phoenix, AZ

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